Ancient phallus unearthed in cave

Cult object or Stone Age sex toy? Or maybe just a cylindrical rock used as a tool ...

A 28,000-year-old sculpted phallus from Germany is among the earliest representations of male sexuality ever uncovered.

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Eerie Sounds from Saturn

Space music, indeed!

Scientists at NASA have now heard proof (called 'Saturn kilometric radiation') that Saturn has a phenomenon similar to the earths' Northern Lights (aurora borealis). Talking about the eerie sounding noise, Dr. Bill Kurth with the University of Iowa, says "We believe that the changing frequencies are related to tiny radio sources moving up and down along Saturn's magnetic field lines." It couldn't sound any spookier if they added a Theremin.

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Microsoft's earth deletes Apple HQ

Oversight, Easter egg of marketing ploy? This is about the only way M$ will ever be entirely rid of those perky Californians.

Google shows the Apple Cupertino HQ - a lovely, shiny building probably full of iPods. MSN on the other hand shows an apparently empty field. Not as much as a black turtle-necked jumper remains of Apple's headquarters. This could be no more than an old picture taken before Cupertino was built or a glimpse of an imagined future.

(link) [The Register]

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