Kelvin is Lord!

You really can find anything on the 'Net ... and sometimes it's tongue is firmly planted in it's cheek.

Who is the Lord Kelvin? Perhaps you have asked yourself this as you have heard others speak of Him. Well, I have good news for you: the Lord Kelvin Loves you and wishes to Conserve you from Entropy. "Now, slow down a minute buddy! I don't quite understand what all THIS means!" You are, no doubt, wanting to say to me. That's OK, for I was once like you and didn't know about the Lord, the one true Lord Kelvin. Let me tell you about our Lord, for He is your Lord as He is mine: the Lord Kelvin chose to come among us as a Man so that He may give us His teachings. He didn't have to, He chose to! He did this because He loves us, for we are His Creation. As is our Universe. The Lord Kelvin created it all. For He is more than just the Man that moved among us, He is the Lord of Our Universe, the Second Wrangler who is also the Senior Wrangler! The Sublime Mystery that is the Lord Kelvin transcends our ability to grasp, but all we need to know is that He LOVES us and wants the best for His Children.

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