News of the Stars ...

Two items from fellow bloggers caught my interest today: and both concern actors that I personally admire very much.

Secular Blasphemy has a tale of Hugo Weaving - Elrond in LOTR and Agent Smith in The Matrix. The running gag around here (after the Fellowship of the Ring came out): "Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Baggins!".

And over at rougeclassicism is a bit on Omar Sharif - like the author, Dr. Zhivago (with Mr. Sharif in the lead role) is one of my earliest movie memories. Turns out Omar is learning ancient Greek he says,

"One of two things will happen: I will have died learning something useless but beautiful, or I shall die having read Homer in the original. It may seem stupid but you have to have a beautiful mission in life."

I'll drink to that!

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