File-Sharing: Who's to Blame?

Well hey! We always sue the phone company in a kidnapping case, right? I mean, the phone was used to deliver the ransom, and that makes them liable!

The music industry wants companies that make file-sharing software to be liable for losses they incur when music is swapped illegally. A three-judge panel sounds like it will need to be convinced.

(link) [Wired News]

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I'm Back...

From a trip to North Carolina. I combined a bit of business with a bit of pleasure - did a security audit for a small construction company, and went down to see the grandkids at Camp Lejeune.

I've noticed that there's a spammer or two that's found my comments section: bastards! Gotta try to get that situation under control.

Watch this space for further details: I've got a lot of catching up to do, no doubt about that!

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The Trouble with RFID

Simson Garfinkel, author of Practical Unix & Internet Security along with Gene Spafford and Alan Schwartz, has an article in The Nation on RFID tags. They're not just for tracking stuff.

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Ex-lawyer sentenced to 6 years' probation

Basically, he dropped a rock of crack cocaine out of his pocket onto the floor of the Drug Court, seduced a 17 year old female client, and stole her fathers car.

If you or I or any mere mortal (who's not a trial lawyer) pulled this kind of stunt we'd be in for ten to 20 ... well, maybe we'd only get 5 years hard labor if we "converted".

Harter, 40, pleaded guilty to three felonies -- theft, auto theft and cocaine possession -- and two misdemeanors -- intimidation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor -- in connection with a string of arrests in Marion County.
Harter's attorneys said he has not used drugs in a year and is now a devoted Christian.

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