Bird flu hits US poultry industry

This is the second case from Delaware in less than a week - I was nervous after the first case. The economic impact on the farming sector here could make the recent mad cow outbreak seem like a school picnic.

A second outbreak of avian bird flu in the US is set to dent industry earnings as importers stop buying US birds.

(link) [BBC News | World | UK Edition]

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Mad Cow Forces Beef Industry to Change Course
This little (3 pages!) bit from the NYT details the creeping greed that brought on the current crisis.

Even though I'm technically a part of the "beef industry", I have a real hard time feeling sorry for the huge feedlots and corporate "farmers" that dominate in this sector: they're done this to themselves, and those of us who, for years in many cases, were ignored or chastised as "doomsayers" and "radical kooks" can take small solace in the upheaval that's already happening.

The discovery of mad cow disease in the U.S. is forcing the beef industry to accept regulation it has long fought.

(link ) [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

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French bride weds dead boyfriend

Meanwhile, here in America, we get all bent out of shape by gay marriage ...

A French woman marries her fiance, 18 months after his death in a road accident.

(link) [BBC News | World | UK Edition]

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H-1B Training Program to Be Axed

Hey! I gotta an idea! Let's destroy another little program that could potentially save a few American jobs, while not costing the taxpayser a dime, directly! That'll make our buddies in the boardroom happy, and give them another excuse to hire in Kuala Lumpur instead of New York!

The White House wants to kill a training program for American workers that was funded by visas for foreign workers. Program supporters urge patience. By Joanna Glasner.

(link) [Wired News]

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