In (Sort Of) Defense of Spammers

Below is a link to a great rant from Eric Allman (developer of Sendmail) on the economics of SPAM.

Fundamentally, the spam problem sucks eggs. A small number of greedy people are polluting a great medium for their own private benefit, regardless of the cost to the rest of the world. They run the risk of damaging their own medium (I think this falls into the class of "pissing into your own well") but they don't care—they are short-term thinkers. The problem is that our approach to the solution has also been short-term thinking. We have to think long-term. We have to make the spammers pay more than we do.

(link) [Slashdot]

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The end of the world

Scary stuff ... just the kind of people I want running the foreign policy of the pre-eminent superpower on the planet.

End-times prophecy such as the "Left Behind" series is spreading beyond fundamentalist circles, and even influencing US foreign policy.

(link) [Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories]

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