Microsoft Sits on Security Flaw for Six Months

I have a question. What potentially happens to something you sit on?

Yet another critical vulnerability affecting Windows 2000/XP/2003 has been just announced by eEye.

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Outsourced Confidential Data On Children Posted

This is what you get when you go for the lowest price ...

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One year and still blogging ...

It's been a year ago today since my first post. A lot has changed in a year.

Thanks to all and sundry who've made this past year such a interesting time: I've made many new friends from these often silly musings, and discovered a new universe full of intelligent and thoughtful people with whom I share more than I could have possibly imagined.

Of course, I've also run into a few jerks: namely the folks who keep posting comment spam. Or, more precisely, the folks who send the spambots to post the comment spam. Assholes.

But all in all it's been about a 99% positive trip. A year ago I couldn't imagine what it would take or mean to keep an online journal. Today, I can't imagine not blogging. I'm hooked.

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A Personal Milestone

I accomplished something this evening that I'd never done before. In fact, it's something I'd never quite attempted before - I'd always defer to Kris. I have started the task in the past, but heretofore it's always rapdily degenerated in cursing and swearing, and ultimately getting handed off to my lovely and accomplished wife.

I'm a software engineer by trade: I can instantiate object, normalize databases and implement digital audio filters in my sleep..

But tonight was the first time I'd ever programmed a universal remote control.

I still haven't tried the VCR, mind you. I don't want to get too carried away! But the remote: whew! I did it!

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Napster Business Model Not Generating Revenue

No duh! It's been apparent for some time that Apple's strategy was a sort of reverse of the old Gillette dictum: they're giving away the blades, that only fit in their razor. And it's working - without the iPod sales, iTunes would be in as bad a shape as the new Napster.

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Musharraf plea on honour killings

We'll see if this has any effect. I seriously doubt that it will - the whole attitude of monotheist religions towards women is nothing short of appalling.

Consider that Eve, in the Bible, introduced sin into the world and initiated the act of defiance that got humanity bansihed from Paradise.

Consider the how the accuser proves a rape occured in Pakistan today:

the ordinance requires four male Muslim witnesses to a rape before a conviction can be secured.

The president said that the Hadood Ordinance was a "very touchy and thorny issue" which required more public debate.

This isn't "touchy" at all: it's barbaric. Of course, if you can't prove it was rape, then it must have been consensual, and the woman will have to be killed to preserve her families "honor". No wonder there aren't many reported rapes in Islamic countries!

The Pakistani leader says crimes committed in the name of family honour will be dealt with the full force of the government.

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