Comments on Same-Sex Marriages

There's quite a vigorous discussion going on over at tacitus about the recent movement towards legitimizing same-sex marriages. What makes thjis interesting is that tacitus is a generally conservative blog, and the conservatives are finally starting to figure out that:

  • Marriage is a religious, not a political, institution.
  • State recognition of same-sex marriage does not imply religious recognition.
  • Amending the Consitution for such would be a dangerous exercise.

Here's a snippet from the main post:

Personally speaking, as a married heterosexual, my problem is that this law and the proposed Defense of Marriage Constitutional Amendment are both ridiculous examples of government using its powers to intrude on someone's private life. The hot new politically correct catchphrase for opposition to homosexual marriages seems to be to "safeguard" heterosexual unions. I really don't see how two men or two women getting married is going to jeopardize my vows with my wife, much less anyone else's spouse.

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SCO Complaint Filed -- Including Code Samples

This will prove to be interesting: finally, they're telling us what they think was ripped off! After nearly a year of "You stole it, but we can't tell you what it is you stole! So just stop using it or pay us and we'll be happy!"

What bunk!

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